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FIAM Italia’s history is as transparent as glass, its work features the principal properties of this material: purity and strength. To man, glass is an old friend. However, this feeling of friendship is still alive, and keeps renewing itself through time. FIAM shows this spirit every day through its creations, which are original and unpredictable, its technological innovations and its top position in design in Italy and abroad.

For FIAM Italia, design means having the courage and inquisitiveness to explore and propose different worlds and the ability to interpret different lifestyles which resist the power of time, space and passing styles. For FIAM Italia, design is a passion without temporal bonds – and so the company has invited designers who are first and foremost impassioned people open to the idea of putting technology at the service of their own creative genius. This union has given rise to timeless products which interpret needs, tastes and lifestyles of the past, present and future. For FIAM Italia, rationalism, minimalism, essentialism, bolidism, eclecticism, avant-gardism are not just a chronological succession of styles. Instead they represent a harmonious coexistence of trends that offer ideas for improving the quality of life and for interpreting the individual’s need for well-being, everyday.

For many years now, the paths of FIAM Italia and the complex world of the arts have converged, creating an intimate and lasting partnership. Artists of extraordinary creativity and indisputable stature have realised their dreams and designs in response to the challenge offered by crystal glass; a challenge which our company has met by moulding the material into new and hitherto unknown expressive forms. In collaboration with these designers, FIAM Italia, which has always been closely attuned to the realms of art and culture, seeks out unexplored spaces and untapped realities which fuse the results of its research with their experimentation.

Glass – from the Germanic glazam – is a hard, translucent material which is usually transparent. Glass is without doubt one of the most fascinating, adaptable materials which man has ever created. We know for certain that it is one of the oldest man-made materials in existence. But this extraordinary substance is also shrouded in mystery: mystery over its origin and structure which presents surprises and puzzling variations, even for the experts. Glass was probably discovered by chance, as a poetic tale handed down by Pliny tells us. According to the poet, Phoenician sailors came across the material by accident when they discovered vitreous material amongst the cinders of the fires they had lit along the beaches. A compound of melt silica and lime (both found in sand), is created by the primeval elements: earth, fire and – agents which produce sand itself – air and water.

Fiam Italia è un’azienda leader nella curvatura del vetro. Propone mobili e arredi in vetro e cristallo curvato

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